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Welcome to our Association.

Benneta Bargears is an association of select global brands in fine equipment for bar, blending and an array in wine solutions. We are established since 1997, incorporated in 2008 with our first project in 1999 in India.

Each of our brands is built in one platform, they are the innovators, game changers, and path breakers, challenging status quo. Their introduction changed the industry both in manufacturing as well as food service. Most of them carry patents, and first in the world features that are now a common accepted norm.

If you align with our values and intend to make a difference in your’s or challenge the norm, you’ll find our association greatly satisfying.

Welcome to Benneta Bargears.

What makes us stand out of competition?

As the industry’s first, a starter in advanced bar facility, our business only has emulators.

Many a professionals in the bar business have worked or associated with Benneta in past for their training and learning.

We have supported well known consultants in their yesteryears to understand bar design; to having employees working here a first time in such a field, gaining successful positions and even starting businesses that expand the bar and beverage trade.

There are inherent features we as a business carry which offers our clients a consistency in service. Consider, we are an SME that operates at a same platform as a multi national corporation. From pre-sales, project management systems to after sales support and accountability or timelines.

Quality of Projects sets us Apart.

Benneta in an exclusive from India with the capability to execute world class bar and nightclub projects anywhere in the world. Our staff’s ability to travel, supervise and coordinate sites, with their excellent knowledge of English, multiple Visas, global travel, and discussions with a myriad of nationalities, sets us apart from the rest.

Prized projects include Pacha Macau, Pangaea and Chaos Clubs in Manila; Hard Rock Cafe and Shiro in Lagos, world class from design to build. Places where management, timelines and specifications addressed were controlled.

Creating first class projects

Through first class management

Benneta Bargears can create first class projects with a mastered skill sets on world’s most advanced equipment by design to deployment. Resultant is a bar facility that is polished, high quality, extremely functional, innovative in operations with an asset life that goes beyond twenty years of operations. Our designs are inherent whilst our resources and material carry certifications of NSF, ETL, UL.

Your project management is planned way in advance by task and milestones. The war is won before its fought.

We invite you wherever you are to send in your prized projects.
Please feel free to review our installations via link “Venues” on the header tab.


“When I met Vickram, I was extremely impressed by the professionalism he displayed. Initially I was skeptical about paying the prices quoted but in hind sight, it was the best decision I made. Not only has the Glastender bar improved the way we store our wines, but more importantly it has drastically improved service efficiency which means higher revenues and happier customers. It had been over 10 years since we bought our first bar at indigo and not a single piece of equipment given any trouble so far.”

(Rishad went on to order Glastender for his new bar Cafe Felix in Bangalore)

Rishad Nathani

Director (Pre 2015), Degustibus Hospitality (Current: Breadbox Hospitality)

“So far the best Bar equipment in ASIA!!!!!!.”

Giancarlo Mancino

International Bar Consultant

“This is the second unit that you have installed in two of my hotels. I am extremely delighted by the professionalism shown by you and your team right from the start then we floated the query and till the time you installed the Modular Bar system with remote draft beer and soda system of Glastender. Our custom built modular bar fits well and compliments our interiors. As always your after sales service is very responsive and we appreciate this more so because we are based in another country – Sri Lanka.”

Manoj Mathew

General Manager, Taj Sri Lanka Hotel

“I am very impressed wit with how things have turned out and recommend working with Vikram any time. I must add Glastender is a great product, but without Vikram, it will not work as well. As a client I need the right guidance.”

Keep it up !”

Baba Chandok

MD, Sanctum at Chancery Pavilion Bangalore (Pre 2018)

.. When I met the owners they said we only paid 2000 dollars extra and they swear by Glastender after their horrific experience with local equipment. They have had no trouble since then…

I as a bar and cocktail consultant honestly recommend any one who wants a bar to blindly buy Glastender as the quality of the equipment and design is simply outstanding, they customise it according to your needs and bartender user friendly.”

Valentine Barboza

International Bar Consultant