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Evolving, Regenerating, SmartBar.

Formation of BarGears was to resolve the problem of those visionaries who were held back by infrastructure despite their own entrepreneurial capabilities. Facing the daily pain of not reaching their goals, because of inefficiency, and lack of smart design.

Our bar solutions pride in the capacity to evolve new features, add to existing systems and keep re-generating their relevance, capability, and defeat redundancy. Who knew five years ago that mixology would become a core feature in modern bars. Today BarGears customers can add the latest elements into their existing Glastender bar. They are not obsolete, nor redundant, unlike their competition.

Through G-Rack, bar operators can re-invent the bar facility on the go, and move it to the desired location to seize the opportunity.

Welcome to BarGears.

A place where visionary entrepreneurs that are goal oriented come to remove all the obstacles between them and their potential focused on beverage and bar. We are happy to iron out all your cobwebs between failure and success – and keep your bar business relevant in permanence.

Smartbar Overdrive

Bargears presents the idea of the Smartbar representing 21st Century design and intelligent system so extensively, we shift the gear into an Overdrive. For businesses looking for Innovation and constant Improvement, you won’t find a better solution anywhere else. With our array of potential (which we assure) the options are beyond all that you could imagine, as the air that lifts your wings high up into the clouds. After today, nothing will satisfy you other than Bargears’ Smartbars.


Modular Bars | Stationery ~ Mobile ~ Moveable ~ Portable | Unlimited Applications | Hosting ~ Events ~ Branding ~ Design | Hotels ~ Beverage Brands ~ Expositions ~ Nightclubs ~ Demonstrations ~ Bar Training ~ Banquets and Catering | Complete Bars ~ Refrigeration ~ Glasswashing ~ Draft Beer ~ Frosters and Coolers ~ Wine and Soda Dispensers | Buffet ~ Cafe and Juicebars | You Name it.

“The beer has been flowing like never before, absolutely amazing.
Thanks a lot for your co-operation, support & timely help to make this happen.”

Ankush Ahuja

F&B Manager, Four Points Sheraton Pune

“When I met Vickram, I was extremely impressed by the professionalism he displayed. Initially I was skeptical about paying the prices quoted but in hind sight, it was the best decision I made. Not only has the Glastender bar improved the way we store our wines, but more importantly it has drastically improved service efficiency which means higher revenues and happier customers. It had been over 10 years since we bought our first bar at indigo and not a single piece of equipment given any trouble so far.”

(Rishad went on to order Glastender for his new bar Cafe Felix in Bangalore)

Rishad Nathani

Director (Pre 2015), Degustibus Hospitality (Current: Breadbox Hospitality)

“So far the best Bar equipment in ASIA!!!!!!.”

Giancarlo Mancino

International Bar Consultant

“This is the second unit that you have installed in two of my hotels. I am extremely delighted by the professionalism shown by you and your team right from the start then we floated the query and till the time you installed the Modular Bar system with remote draft beer and soda system of Glastender. Our custom built modular bar fits well and compliments our interiors. As always your after sales service is very responsive and we appreciate this more so because we are based in another country – Sri Lanka.”

Manoj Mathew

General Manager, Taj Sri Lanka Hotel

“I am very impressed wit with how things have turned out and recommend working with Vikram any time. I must add Glastender is a great product, but without Vikram, it will not work as well. As a client I need the right guidance.”

Keep it up !”

Baba Chandok

MD, Sanctum at Chancery Pavilion Bangalore (Pre 2018)

.. When I met the owners they said we only paid 2000 dollars extra and they swear by Glastender after their horrific experience with local equipment. They have had no trouble since then…

I as a bar and cocktail consultant honestly recommend any one who wants a bar to blindly buy Glastender as the quality of the equipment and design is simply outstanding, they customise it according to your needs and bartender user friendly.”

Valentine Barboza

International Bar Consultant