Benneta Franchise

You can own an exlcusive business model and serve markets that truly require big solutions.

  1. Benneta Design Support
  2. Access to Central Business Management System
  3. Access to Central Support Management System
  4. Setting up the Accounts, Products and Services with Discount Structures
  5. Central Bargears.Com website with your location
  6. Best in Industry Discount
  7. Product Training, Orientation
  8. Access to our Installations Globally
  9. First day credibility and our back up
  10. Access world class equipment brands for your regions
  11. Marketing, advertising and PR benefits
  12. Visits setup to all factories with first hand orientation
  13. Showroom and office design support
  14. Existing leads and enquiries forwarding
  15. Use of Benneta symbol, name and credibility to jump start business, as a partner.


  • Available in limited regions and exclusivity.
  • Investment between Rs. 25L (USD 40,000) to Rs. 50L (80,000)
  • Operating Cash of Rs. 25L (USD 40K) for the 1st year.
  • ROI between 1 to 2 years. Profitability from 2nd year.

To discuss opportunity email subject Benneta Franchise.