Value System

“We are geared to keep a safe, reliant, dependable and honest system that becomes a foundation of trust. You are well taken care of.”

Value System


Off Published International Price List.

  1. Universal International Price List. When you receive our prices for brands that sell on published book, all quotes are on effective list price. The pricelist is not changed for any region of sale whether India, Asia or Africa. We keep access for you to download the latest manufacturer pricebook for your evaluation and records.
  2. Universal National List Price. Where the manufacturer sells through a dealer price, we have to create a national pricelist, especially for stock items. Under such circumstance we work on the most trustworthy and client centric system of price management. The result lets you buy the products universally from either Benneta or via its dealers with same discount, regionally or nationally.
  3. Universal RSP. Even the prices created for India for stock sales have published list price, and RSP. This disallows any one to quote you a higher price than the expected RSP. Therefore our products are not quoted by sizing up a customer, instead based on sales policy for fair market value.

Discount System

  1. An RSP Protection. We believe in RSP protection for customers. Therefore, you’ll never find us offering one price then a steep 15% discount on that. Be careful in wrongly measuring our method with local market practices. The idea of RSP is to get you a benchmark price bracket. We do carry spot rates from factory depending on volume of business, to check with factory if we can get that volume discount. Such a discount will have a ceiling of about 1.5 to 2%. Therefore, that extra discount will be a bonus not mandatory.
  2. Account Price. We have standard Account Prices for volume buyers and chains who buy frequently in high volumes. Seek an Account price if you are a high volume buyer.
  3. Exclusive Contract Price. This is a relatively new practice, where a unique and special price is issued to you with a bound contract of deliverables from your side. If you are a high volume buyer, check with us for this option.


Working with us carries many benefits that you can let your mind free with and relax. We treat our clients with respect, trust, and responsibility, for example.

  1. Set Price with No Variation. If your price is setup, and there are new people in your company, your quote price will always be as set. It wont increase just because new staff from yours and our side doesnt know. We have a clear method of achieving this goal, by setting up a Client Account, with specified notes on your products and discounts at order sheet. A sales and accounts person has access to this page, first thing while making your quote. They need not ask “We didn’t know” because it’s the first information they see.
  2. An error from usual? We will find it. Send an extra payment, it will be intimated and returned. Order something extra by mistake? An error in drawing or mismatch of items? We will immediately advise when verified. We have three step verifications, and mistakes are almost found by guarantee:
    1. First Verification by the Maker.
    2. Second Verification by Projects.
    3. Third Verification at Factory to integrate drawings, items and order.

Its almost a guarantee any extras quoted by even a typo will be found as an anomaly when matching order with drawings either at projects, and definite by the factory.


  1. General Privacy. Orders and documents placed with us are kept private, secret to the level of your expectancy. If anything needs to be shared, your consent is taken at first as a rule.
  2. Careful Storage with Limited Access. If there are no privacy specifications, your documents all of them will be stored for view by people related to the order and project. It will still never be shared by a third party (unless there are legal inquiries and such demanded by a court).
  3. Confidentiality. If there is a confidentiality agreement, your documents are stored in safe files accessible only to private staff on the project. No content is made public unless its visible in public domain until the end of confidentiality.


  1. Promise Carefully Accepted and Assured. We accept a promise after carefully checking it’s viability and dependability. Thereafter your promise is addresses in such terms on paper with related network along with the importance of meeting their milestones. Milestones, tasks and reminders are set in advance, at times week in advance to make sure we advise you of events and make arrangements. We have setup multiple systems to assure meeting obligations, ahead of time.
  2. Awareness of Your Project with Teams. Attention to your project initiates with its value being shared with all in it. Your project is emphasized with internal teams, forwarders, and the factory. They are all given an advanced notice. Out of sight out of mind. Let’s reverse it. In the mind, on sight.
  3. Data Management and Access. Our E-filing system over the years has finessed and evolved. Your project files can be found as long as we are in business in matter of a day’s response. There are times customers cannot find drawings and quotes, we are able to share including old invoices, or even any tax paid on them.
  4. Escalation is a Practice. We escalate to your designated contacts for all discrepancies. Please share your instructions clearly. With us you avoid the time where you get to know of a miss when it has occurred, and you can’t do anything about it. If there will be a change, you’ll be notified immediately, at origin. Our staff is notified of this property very specifically, vocally, and with intensity to “Escalate”.

Your safety is pivotal in our mind.