Mastered Skillset in Bar Design through Fine Resource.

Difference between us and the rest is we focus on facility planning through industrial design, i.e. with an eye towards aesthetics and function in a balance. We make the bars beautiful.

The Knowhow of Bar Design

The best bar designs require detailed knowledge of bar flow not just bartending, which is important but not critical. As bar designers one is required to work with different mindsets of bartenders. Each bartender has a different need. Our strength must be in ability to understand each need carefully and address it to the best fruition.

We consider following to be critical factors in bar design:

  • Understanding the bar flow viz, how bar service will interact with customers and the bartender will be ergonomcally well placed. Its a sync between business plan and ergonomics to achieve a goal i.e. quick orders, consistent products, lowered wastage of time and material.
  • Industrial Designing. Many a bar professionals even with a fair idea of what they want are limited by design. Design which is a field different unto itself from mixology. The resultant are haphazard bar setup that misses the beauty of great fit. Since bar are visual on front of guest a badly designed bar can be an eye sore at service. It even lowers the score of the restaurant itself. A good designer can understand the functions of bar and fit them well together. They keep the idea of building smart design along with a functional bar.
  • Understanding Engineering, Machining and Fabrication. If it weren’t enough a farflung combination of bar mixing with industrial design, a leading bar designer must understand the mechanics of manufacturing. This is the platform that guides the design from potential, conceptualization to realization. A miss in engineering mechanics causes trouble often when these products cannot be replicated on the machine. A cause of revisions or site modifications, such that often loses function and even form.
  • Project Management and Logistics. Lastly each bar is a project because it takes various milestones over long period of time, including revisions, site coordination, collaboration, financial planning, controls and triggers, logistics planning, escalation management, to final delivery, team deployment, scheduling, installation, and orientation.

To have all the skills in excellence together is an exlcusive scenario. Each takes different direction, resource, science, training, platform, and skillsets. A designer’s course is far from being a bartender. A manufacturer is an engineer, and Project Management is about process flow control.

At Benneta Bargears, putting these four elements in harmony to derive best in class bars, such, that stands a testimony to achievment, sets at the core of who we are.

Design Advisory Services

Benneta Bargears presents our Core Skillsets commercially for your project.


We will understand your goals and establish a balance between features and budget without losing focus on the ultimate objective.

Next step is providing you with an estimate of costs to acquire the final bar. This ball park figure is very close to the ultimate product.

On boarding

Once you are onboard you have the option to either make a deposit to create the drawings and revisions for the ultimate procurement of material with design, else you may simply order the designs and specifications to use for tendering through various dealers. Our specifications meet most international makes and all the standards.

Design Proposal

A design process ensues to meet the obligations undertaken. It includes drawings such as plans, elevations, utilities, schedule and cut sheets.

Selection & Ordering

You may use the layouts to plan your ordering of material. Should you place your orders within 30 days of submitting the design, we will refund ninety percent of the design fee, making it almost a free advisory and planning.

For more information and initiating your project, contact us at, or use the form below to contact us.

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