Let’s go wrong

It’s not our fault. No one could have anticipated it.

Many businesses would like to take on more work from the markets. The truth is a lot of them are not ready to handle complex, conflicting, labourous, negotiating, timebound tasks where challenges jump without a notice. The result is onean excuse it was out of our hands, and penalty to the customer. Ever faced this in your life?

Challenges that cause losses are either an irrant making the customer run around, financial overheads, at worst case scenario your order could just be stuck for days which includes the first two automatically. As consumers we are ruffled adversely when our expectations are delayed, damaged, or experience is compromised. Take that project order from few dollars to thousands. Every customer has faced this especially in developing economies, where rule of the thumb is minimize losses, not great expectations.

Some of the things that go wrong in a project.

  1. Incorrect / inadequate MEP designs. Equipment wont fit. Needs redoing services, recall contractors, more fees, damage to previously made structures, and loss of professional name in the office by project manager.
  2. Design not meeting Equipment / Installation. Setting up front bar at backbar, wrong accessories on modules that defy alignment, equipment fitted where air-flow is limited lack of cooling, or such as a circular bar where backsplash is not close enough to the wall causing visibility from bar top behind equipment.
  3. Missing task timelines. Causing delay of shipment, clearance and collection at factory. Missing the flight or not booking vessel early enough causing delay of as much three weeks for next sail/ an average timeline between sails.
  4. Custom clearances delays. Lack of correct documents, coordination with CHA, unready templates or untimely communications, leading to flights landing but clarity on order not available for customs. All this leads to excess days and costs.
  5. Mistakes in installation specifications. Such as beer system routing, conduits or water supply pressure, temperature; causing job to delay beyond acceptable times and thus projects.
  6. Error in Documentation. Causing hold ups in various channels in customs and clearances.
  7. Missing deployment resources, or gap in communicating. Leads to problems on site, lack of labour, delivery in locations. Instead of being prepared customer has to spend high cost in and emergency.
  8. Design flaw. Equipment ill fitting with gaps or not fitting in available space. Custom job requires done on site to correct fitout errors.

“Every battle is won, before it’s fought”.

With Benneta, comes Assurance.

Our entire business platform is designed on this premises. Trust, there are many resources, collaborations, check lists and templates created that have taken years of practice, failure, challenges, and successes. Our projects thus move from one to next assurances and success. We anticipate potential problems and we try to set a fool proof system in step wise controlled manner.

Resultant, we have a perfected rate of meeting your expectations, conquer challenges on your behalf and get your project through finishing line, time and again. This platform, sets us apart from every other business, ask us and we can prove it.