Reseller Associate

If you business and customers demand high performance bar, blending and wine solutions, get it at Benneta Bargears. Supported by advanced and innovative factories, guarantee, dependable assets that do not go down, each made in USA, UK, France and Italy.

Benefits to you:

  1. Best in industry discounts.
    We understand the competitive markets even in top segment. Which is why you will receive superb lines of products-in-demand at great prices with which you can be profitable, yet provide competitive bids to your own clientele. Customers love great deals, take it from us.
  2. Supported by Intelligence.
    You and your clients will have missing blanks. We are equipped to address it all in matter of hours if not right there on the phone. If there is more complexity, we will speak to your customer and clarify the mind for ease of ordering.
  3. Access to World’s Most Credible Brands used in Global Venues.
    Visit all our brand websites and find their clientele includes chains all around the world. Become a part of this movement, innovaton, story, history and the future, together.
  4. Ready Stock and Ready Parts, if any Problem, Ready People.
    It’s not necessary for you to stock inventory for that requires stock. Our lead times are anyway extremely short. We’re all setup to deliver fast. Your customers get their solutions in time and your turnover goes quicker. But if you stock, you also get a better discount.
  5. With design support, you can build your markets.
    Our in house design facility for bar, beverage systems, wine cellars, and remote beverage systems lets you offer not just standalone equipment but also provide your customers with planned solutions. Visit the Consulting Section to learn more.

All our brands are available for your markets, customers and sales programs. To become an associate reseller you need to:

  • Send us your company information, GSTIN and business profile.
  • Sign up a Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Setup an Account.
  • Get your price and product information.
  • Get listed online as our business partner.

It is that easy. Connect at