November 23, 2017

Why BarGears

Design by Vickram Mederata

Bar concepts designed by Vickram Mederata, the person behind Pacha Macau, Pangaea Manila, Kitty Su Clubs, LAP, Tote on the Turf, Gatsby 2000 and hundreds of prestigious projects.

Vickram is a product designer whose work has been published globally. Some of this work are patent applied in India and USA.


Access to World Class Bar and Refrigeration Technology and Engineering.

From the factory to your site, freshly made, brand new equipment laser cut, punched, pressed right off the assembly line, packed and ready. Made by Glastender known globally for the highest quality of workmanship, design and longetivity.

Bar meets Industrial Design.


We are masters at industrial design,  building such aesthetics into bar design. Your BennetaBar will carry a signature beyond a common bar plan, it is a master industrial design as well. That becomes your exclusive.


 Available through relationships.

You can order our solutions through local dealers in your region. Our bars can be found today in all major cities in India such a Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chandigarh, Agra, Jaipur, Kochi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, Pune.

Talk to your local dealer and ask them to provide you with a complete BennetaBar Solution. We will assist them to fulfil your need.

Assisting your Facility Designer

If you have hired a project management or facility design firm, our expertise in industrial design and elements of bar will be of great value combined with the designer’s insight of your business and budgets.

We do not replace the facility planner; we work as the driver of efficiency and excellence in the area of bar by understanding you better, through them. We can independently also setup your bar if you keep inhouse teams.

View our Work

You will here visit an outside link or the master brand Glastender we use in our designs. Please check other material as well such as portfolio and feel free to download sales material.

Trusted since 1997.

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If there is a bar that can be imagined, bars that are used in world’s leading hotels, casinos or resorts, fro Vegas to Macau, we have made them all in its finest form for our clients. But our industrial design standards add the touch of finish that a regular bar will not have. Trust, our design, delivery and deployment of your bar will surpass best standards.