November 23, 2017

Why BarGears

If you desire Assurance.. of result.

Historically people that have desired assurance of quality in design, function and value have come to us. When the projects have been highly valuable, we have been an exclusive choice. As India’s oldest bar company with myriad of experience and finesse in creating and delivering the finest bars, we stand ahead of any competition by miles.

If you desire Assurance.. of support.

Twenty years behind us points to an established after sales support, and parts availability, right prices and trained staff. Unlike most competitors that even today source out difficult installations such as getting their beer system installed by third party, Benneta has its own team, intelligence and execution. Our support is obviously way superior, especially when we need not outsource anything.

If you desire Assurance.. of transparency.

We open our books to you from day one, published prices are available, and industry best standards that are reliable and accepted universally. So many local markets sell the same product to different people at different prices.

If you desire to deal with the original, and industry leader.

Benneta is the hallmark of origin of advanced bars in India in the form they are today. Every other competition started out after a decade, and flatly copy every aspect of our offer. We even find our designed CAD blocks used in many designs that come to us from customers. As leader, we never look into what others are doing today. We just plan and create, we innovate. Then the rest immitate.