Work with us

We invite you to join our teams pending vacancy. We always have a welcome sign for people desirous to expand and channel our passions through their lives into many more they can change! What do we offer? Just what you want.

  1. Empowerment ☑
  2. Training into Anew ☑
  3. Self reliance and challenges ☑
  4. Respect, honor and dignity ☑
  5. Appreciation ☑
  6. And to stand behind you with Applause each time you Win! ☑

Check out our site and businesses, tell us how you can be a BIG part of our success and lives. Remember birds of same feather flock together so that is the only filter between us and the world outside. These are what we are about,

  • A Doer. Here even a manager is a doer. No one thats not a doer, is here. If you’re here, you Do.
  • Fair, just, balance and ethical in our dealing with our customers and staff
  • Zero tolerence for slander and politcal activities. For that visit
  • Progressive minded, solution oriented that focus on breaking walls not turning away from them.
  • (5) Built and work like leaders, which means we dont give up even after the last moment. The battle just draw forth.
  • Detail oriented on tasks and projects.
  • We offer no excuses, either a fair win or loss. Refer to Point No. 5.
  • We set an example with every act, task and obligation we take on. Our acts are not just for us to complete, but increase the bench mark for people around us. We revel in awesomeness.
  • Excited about novelties, new ideas, participants, and fast on apps.
  • Future oriented. We jump to the future, take on the latest and train. Then throw it away as fast to pick up a better evolution.
  • Bold, Courageous and Not Meek. In this group, we speak our mind with eloquence. Don’t stay shy and quiet if you have a point. We encourage you to rise, shine, speak and become a creator over the observer.
  • We are Elegant, Suave and not Coward . Well spoken and articulate in our dealings off the phone or on; talk about another with similar respect as they were listening to us or be as tough on them on face. We enjoy being a Gentleman and a Lady. This is such a company.
  • We are responsible and loyal, that will not leave someone high and dry, when promised we go out of our way to make it come true. We fight for the win whoever it is, because when you have the habbit of winning it doesnt matter who we are fighting for. Even losing a fight of another, makes us the loser. Refer to Point No. 5.